As a non-profit organization serving the visually impaired community in Nepal, your donation would come a long way in helping Nepal Association of the Blind to continue improving our services for the visually impaired; ultimately helping us to bring about significant changes and developments that would benefit the community.

According to the latest census there are 94,765 blind students in our country, out of them only 33,241 are in school going age but only around 8000 blind people are receiving education opportunity. High number of people are deprived from getting education due to financial problem. Nepal Association of the Blind realizes that, from a NGOs standpoint, no resource is as important as the human resource. In an effort to ensure our blind students have every academic advantage necessary to excel as productive members of the community and, perhaps most importantly, society at large, we are reaching out to business leaders as well as other people, hopes that they will join us in our education donation program.