Be a Volunteer

Would you like to have a unique experience?
Would you like to see the world from a different perspective?
Would you like to interact with  the blind?
If so, Nabnepal! is just the place for you! 
We warmly welcome you with open arms!
Come and join us in Nepal, and in our quest for the blind  across  the world!

We are sure you will be able to make a huge difference to the lives of the numerous blind people across the world, who have very limited opportunities to express themselves, and who are tucked away within  their small social circle, not able to go beyond it, and who will be delighted to have your support and to be inspired by you.

This is a platform where you can bring your expertise, and  boost the morale of these  blind people.
Nabnepal is happy to have  dedicated, passionate, highly motivated, and committed volunteers who would be willing to help us in changing the lives of the numerous blind people across the world  through our unique training programme.

We at nabnepal are open to new  and innovative ideas  in conducting our workshops and training our participants. In turn we also have a number of unique and breath taking experiences to offer to our volunteers. Nabnepal shall open a completely new door to them.

The volunteers shall not only be given an opportunity to contribute his/her expertise, but they shall also learn  about the different ways of providing training to the blind,  in personality  development, various forms of art such as dance and theatre, and also  the aspects of fashion and beauty, which will indeed turn out to be quite interesting!  
Basic requirements to be a volunteer

  •  Above 20 years of age
  •  Dedicated, passionate, and committed to the cause.
  •  Good verbal and written English skills
  •  Positive attitude, and a drive to create social change.
  •  Sense of responsibility.
  •  Must be intrinsically motivated towards the cause.
  •  High level of ownership, taking initiatives and self management  


Skype ID will be used to make free calls over the internet using a computer.