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NAB is seeking your voluntary involvement for the following tasks:

  • Development of Project Proposals

  • editing and drafting reports in English

  • Translating Nepali to English and vise-versa

  • developing capacity building training curricula

  • Teaching English language


Your financial support is highly welcome.

Agricultural Development Bank, Maharajgunj

Account No : 0210400234831012

We need resources for our current activities and new projects.

Building construction

Support our cause

We feel happy to share encouraging news in the field of infrastructure development for the existence of organization in the long run. Nepal Association of the Blind (NAB), a leading blind people's organization has started the construction of training and resource centre building at Sukhedhara ,Kathmandu. We intend to accomplish the construction in your full and whole hearted support. The total cost of the building is estimated 2.50 million whereas we have managed Rs. 10 million from the bank loan. The larger amount has to be collected from all the friends, well wishers and knowing and unknowing generous people. Your support will be counted as valuable means to achieve our goal.  Please pour your maximum consideration for the cause of Nepalese blind. Your contribution will be listed in the stone script of the building, those who donate the following amount:-

1.   Nepalese Blind people and NAB employees Rs. 10,000(ten thousand) and above.

2.   Nepalese disable people's organizations/ individuals and their family members Rs. 15000 (Fifteen thousand) and above.

3.   All the national and international organization/individual Rs.25, 000(Twenty five thousand) and above.


Phone no:4376598/580

Account Number: 00200570700021,

Himalayan Bank- Maharajgung.

We will also welcome small support in cash or kind.


In Nepal, about 4000 blind and partially sighted children receive school education ( 6 to 16 years) education in integrated and special schools. Yet, 90% of blind children are still out of school because of limited opportunities. Similarly, 70-80 students complete secondary level education annually. Few of them receive a scholarship to continue higher education. your sponsorship for visually impaired students is highly appreciated.

Equipment and Devices

We accept your donation of equipments such as white canes, play back tools, slates, stylus, Braillers and magnifiers for partially sighted people.

If you are interested to support us or have further questions

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